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Supported Living & Learning Disabilities

Supported Living

Independence Supported Living/Community -Base Support

Short term care, Simple help or respite care to keep you well, Live-in Care 24-hour care 7 days a week, tailored to your individual needs.
Our Supported Living Options are designed around what’s important to you.
Supported living offers an alternative to residential care and empowers you to choose the right amount of support – how and when you need it so you can lean an enriching and fulfilling life. we focus on promoting and encouraging the people we support’s independence.
INDEPENDENCE LIVING – You can choose to live in your own flat with as much or little support as you need. This could be in one of our properties, or we can work with you and our housing partners to source a property that meets your needs.
SHARED LIVING – We can help you connect with other people who might want to live independently too but aren’t yet ready to live alone. You will have your space but benefit from socialising with other like-minded people, sharing the communal spaces and sharing the cost of household bills.
APARTMENT LIVING – You may be looking for the best of both worlds. Your own modern apartment with some shared communal space so you can choose when and if to socialise. We have worked with our housing partners to develop this popular type of accommodation.
SUPPORTING YOU – Autism, Learning disabilities, Specialised Behavioural support, Brain injury rehab, Transition

Learning Disabilities


learning disability

A learning disability is when an individual has a reduced ability to understand information. Individuals with a learning disability can also find it difficult to communicate and can affect their independence.
Statistics suggest that around 1.5m people have a learning disability.
People with learning disabilities can have difficulty with everyday tasks such as household chores, managing budget and even socialising. Here at Eureka Care, we can support you to achieve these tasks and more. Whatever you’re doing, whether at home, going out, finding education or employment, we’re committed to providing exceptional care and support for you.
We’ll work with you and support network to create your support plan and involve you in choosing your support workers, providing you with staff who understand you. We provide specific learning disability training for our staffs to ensure our care and support meets your needs.